The Rise of the Silver Surfer Daters

Dating has changed, and for many of us, it’s the second chance at the love we never thought we’d get again. Why? Because whether we like it or not, we live in a society that expects us over 70s to simply stop looking for love.

By our age, they believe, we should have settled down long ago, or at the very least given up on finding meaningful companionships.

It’s just one in a series of horribly misguided beliefs that you’ll find everywhere you go, but we know that it simply isn’t true.

Over 70 dating is more popular than it’s ever been, thanks to all of us being much healthier and more active than previous generations were. Indeed, today’s over 70s are yesterdays over 50s, and that youthfulness means we’re just as eager to date as we were decades ago.

But where is that eagerness showing itself? After all, the nation’s supermarkets aren’t currently flush with over 70s flirting the day away, are they?

The answer might shock you – it’s online dating websites.

‘Sites like ours have become vital hubs for over 70 daters looking to meet new people without the hassle and difficulty of stumbling through social situations trying to find a) somebody single, b) somebody your age and c) somebody interested in you.

For centuries it’s posed a problem, but online dating neatly does away with those concerns.

Because sites like ours are exclusively for single people over 70, you never need to worry about whether the person you’re chatting to is single or age-appropriate, and because it’s incredibly safe, you don’t need to worry about getting scammed.

Over 70 daters have been shocked by just how simple and popular online dating is these days, and the figures back it up, with more over 70 daters signing up than ever before, making it one of the fastest growing segments of any online dating age bracket.

But what’s talking online like? Quite simply, it’s a lot like writing letters – only instant. If you’ve ever shared an email you’ll know what we mean. Imagine a world where you can take your time to say what you want to say and then have it delivered in an instant. It’s a friendly, approachable way to get to know somebody.

Once you’re both comfortable, you’re free to take it to the next step! Agree to meet up somewhere and see how the sparks fly, you’ll be amazed at how quickly online chemistry can transform into a real-life passion. Give it a try and find out for yourself, you’ll be surprised at just how fun it is.

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