Club 1948: The Celebs Turning 70 This Year

Being over 70 is amazing. Finally able to take a step back and breathe for the first time since many of us were children, we’re able to apply our experience, our knowledge and our passion to what truly matters to us in life like family, friends, and love.

It’s for that reason that more and more of us are turning towards online dating as a way to meet new people and make those connections which can really give life meaning.

2018 is set to see not only more people than ever turn 70, but more over 70s than ever signing up for online dating services. But which celebrities will be joining the over 70s party in 2018?

Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne might well have lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for over 50 years with his band Black Sabbath, but come the 3rd of December Ozzy will hit the big 7-0.

Born in Aston in the UK, Ozzy has made an incredible career for himself as a metal legend, (alleged) bat-biter and TV superstar on his long running reality show The Osbournes. Today he lives in his comfortable US home and enjoys a lifestyle that many of us would kill for. Cheers, Oz!

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Netwon-John will live forever thanks to her starring roles in one of the most ionic musicals and plays of all time – Grease. But that’s not the only reason why she’s an iconic figure. Releasing a number of albums under her own name and starring in too many films to mention like Face/Off and Sordid Lives, the English actress is a bonafide Hollywood legend.

She’ll be turning 70 on the 26th of September!

Samuel L. Jackson

It’s hard to think of a screen star in recent history who’s had as much staying power as Samuel L. Jackson. Defiantly himself, he’s appeared in everything from Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained to Captain America, Iron Man, Jurassic Park and so much more. Indeed, the American star has 169 acting credits to his name and eight more in production this year.

Those are astonishing numbers for a man who will turn 70 on the 21st of December, and his career shows no signs of slowing down now.

Charles, Prince of Wales

Charles, Prince of Wales has been a mainstay in British politics for almost seventy years now, sharing his wit, wisdom and experience with world leaders, members of the public and the media. His charitable works, especially those which promote organic farming, environmental causes and children have been singled out for widespread praise and his constant, unerring dedication to grace is something to applaud.

The longest-serving heir apparent in British history is set to turn 70 on the 14th of November, a day that will surely be commemorated across the country.

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